Tony and his CTX 3030

Tony and his CTX 3030

Tony and his CTX 3030

A few months ago I joined a web site “Dirt Fishing Australia” on this site there are really great people that post information, pictures of their finds & general chat as well as organize trips.

I was fortunate to join in on a trip organized by a Robo (all round great guy to meet & know) to do a bit of Gold hunting & Camping. On the day we arrived we all met up (my first camp & meeting with these guys). Between 6 – 7am we setup camp & then started having a bit of a detect around the campsite.

At first swinging around all I was finding was 10c pieces & the usual aluminium rubbish then Logan suggested I talk to John (as he’s had his Minelab CTX 3030 for about 3 years) & see what settings he ran. Off I went & John was only to happy to help he set me up with the settings he uses.

Well BAAMMMOO within 10 meters a beautiful sounding target so I started to dig, got down about 4inches & not what I wanted to see just a piece of rusted metal but I swung the CTX over the hole again n yup still there so dug a bit more & over to the side of the hole out came a fabulous 1846 Queen Victoria Four Pence. Wow I called out, then the others congratulated me & we all went back to hunting.

Must have been about half an hour or more went past, John & Logan were up under a tree having a break n drink & BAAMMOO again I dug down about 5 inches & here it was BIG & Beautiful a 1888 QV Half Penny. Oh I was over the moon & had to go & have a break.

To get not 1 but 2 awesome 1800’s find’s in one hunt I was so so excited & happy, the others were finding really great finds too. We all got together & showed each other our finds then went bush for some nugget hunting, although we weren’t successful & didn’t find any Gold.

Since this camp I’ve gone back to the camp site with the CTX 3030 had another couple of hours hunt & what do you know WOOHOO I came home with another 2 great items from history.

A really nice BRISBANE ROCKHAMPTON CRITERION – ONE PENNY coin/traders token & a nice what was identified as a SNAKE BUCKLE.

Great machine supplied to me by my favorite Detector shop & Minelab Dealer
BRISBANEGOLD – Miners Den, this is my second detector supplied to me by them & they offer awesome information, backup service & friendly staff.

BIG THANKYOU to MINERS DEN for all the help on purchasing the right equipment first time for the right job & finds that I am interested in finding.

Cheers thankyou for reading my little adventure story so get out & get in the dirt.
Tony D.

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